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Mississippi Dialogues

14 panels

Work in progress

Mississippi Dialogues is a public art project reimagining possibilities for Mississippi River flood management through situated cartographic design. I am mapping public testimonies about flooding into a Mississippi transformed by Indigenous ways of talking about water and flooding, in collaboration with the Nations whose homelands include the River. The destination is a series of large-format map panels to be installed at outdoor, publicly-accessible venues along the river (parks and exterior walls), with an accompanying guidebook.

I spent most of 2019 on the road, visiting people and places up and down the river, and in Oklahoma. With support from a Guggenheim fellowship, I will return to the project in 2024.

I'm grateful to Yaddo, Art Omi, the American Philosophical Society, CNAIR / Northwestern University, The Anderson Center, A Studio in the Woods, and the Ruth Landes Memorial Research Fund for supporting me in the permissions stage of this project in 2019. I'm grateful to the Guggenheim Foundation for helping me pick up those obligations in 2024.


Proximal Braveries, with Kelly Wisecup. For Indigenous Mississippi: Indigenous Art & Activism of the Mississippi River. A Humanities without Walls project.

Adaptations Residency 
video produced by A Studio in the Woods.

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