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Inuit Nunangat

2 maps
Work in progress

Commissioned by the
Canadian-American Center,
University of Maine

These are two printed maps of Inuit Nunangat. One map portrays actions, relationships, policies, and responsibilities that nourish and maintain Arctic cooling, and by extension, the balance of the earth. The other map portrays actions and policies that interfere with and destroy those cooling relationships, and by extension, Inuit sovereignty and ways of life, and the balance of the earth. Both maps are grounded in Inuit Nunangat political geography.


The maps respond to the abundance of media stories that amplify the Arctic as a distant, melting place, Inuit and animals as inevitable victims of climate change, and the emergence of new economic "opportunities" for the rest of the world.


Instead, this project re-centers the narrative of a balanced earth and how it comes to be through Inuit self-determination and stewardship of Arctic cooling. And the responsibilities of southerners to get out of the way.

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