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mihtami myaamiaki nipinkonci saakaciweeciki /
At first the Myaamiaki came out of the water

with Diane Hunter and Scott Shoemaker,
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

Wąąkšik huunųp homąnįra wagųsiraregi higi hįnįhawi /
We have been here since the beginning of time

with Josie Lee and Bill Quackenbush,
Hoocąk Nation;
and Carolyn Fiscus and Sunshine Thomas-Bear,
Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

For Native Truths: Our Voices, Our Stories
The Field Museum, Chicago. Opened May 20, 2022.

Each map 110.5" x 108"

These are two large maps about Removals as Hooc
ąk and Myaamiaki have experienced them. They form a space for talking about what is euphemistically known as Removal.

We must stand for each other's stories. We must learn to recognize the manifestations and seeds of Removals all around us.

Everything happens somewhere.

It's been a huge privilege to be part of this project.


© 2022 The Field Museum,

photograph by John Weinstein.

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