Aug 22–Sept 16

Short Term Fellowship, American Philosophical Society.

May 29–June 10


May 20–22


mihtami myaamiaki nipinkonci saakaciweeciki /

At first the Myaamiaki came out of the water

Wąąkšik huunųp homąnįra wagųsiraregi higi hįnįhawi /

We have been here since the beginning of time

In Native Truths: Our Voices, Our Stories

Native North America Hall, the Field Museum, Chicago.

May 14–15

Native Community Weekend Preview for

Native Truths: Our Voices, Our Stories,

Native North America Hall, the Field Museum, Chicago.


October 1

On Maps

Keynote conversation with Marty Schnure

Information+ Conference

September 3–November 6

Art Omi

July 14 & 28

Mapping a New World: Places of Conflict and Colonization in

17th Century New England

NEH Workshop

Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library

April 13

Mapping Indigenous Place Names

AIANTA webinar 

Through March 20

Iyoka Eli-Wihtamakʷ Kətahkinawal included in

Mapping Maine: The Land and Its Peoples, 1677–1842

Osher Map Library, University of Maine

March 10

"This Is How We Name Our Lands: Mapping Penobscot Place Names." With Carol Dana, James Francis, Gabe Paul, and Conor Quinn

Osher Map Library

University of Southern Maine

6–7:30 pm Eastern

February 25


with Anne Knowles

Conversations around maps and stories

Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling / Geomedia Lab

Concordia University

12–1:30 pm Eastern